Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is one of the most important things you can do to make your house a home. Let our carpet cleaning in Cheshire help you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh. We also provide rug cleaning so you can have your beloved Persian, Oriental or any other rug deep cleaned to a professional standard with us. NCS Cheshire are available on weekends and bank holidays, and with the same-day availability, you can have your pieces renewed in hours without having to bear the stains for days!


When it comes to carpets, stains are one of those things that just happen. Be it juice, ink or animal excrements, carpets’ downside is that they need professional cleaners to take care of them once in a while. NCS Cheshire specialises in effective carpet stain removal in Cheshire & surrounding areas.

We can remove every kind of stain from
your carpet, for example: Water-soluble Stains | Oil, Fat, Wax | Glue | Urine | Nail Polish | Cigarette Burns


Is it easy to remove a stain from the carpet?

The answer to this question totally depends on the material. A juice stain is much easier to remove than ink, but our stain removal process is methodical and we make sure that your carpet gets 100% cleaned even if it takes longer to complete the job. It also depends on the amount of foot traffic and the age of the carpet.

Our eco-friendly products are a guarantee when it comes to removing stains safely. Our carpet stain removal service in Cheshire is well reviewed because we offer a lot in terms of quality, speed and professionalism. Replacing your carpet is not something you can do on the cheap. Hire us for a periodical carpet cleaning and stain removal in Cheshire , save thousands of pounds and make your carpet live longer with our services.


The couch is a beautiful place where the family gathers watching TV, and probably a lot of nice memories were born there. It is probably very busy too, so its hygiene is certainly something that must be taken care of: unseen dirt on upholstery is dangerous for our health and also unpleasant for the look of the house. We can clean sofas, arm chairs, upholstered furniture and more. Here a few reasons why periodical upholstery cleaning is necessary:

People touch upholstery everyday | Often food comes in contact with it | Upholstery is a dust trap

Is a professional necessary to do upholstery cleaning?

You may have stumbled on web articles saying that you can clean upholstery by yourself. Regular cleaning products are often not enough to take care of greasy stains and invisible dirt. It’s advisable to hire a professional upholstery cleaner because what it’s needed is both special expertise and special products.

Of course, you should use your vacuum cleaner once in a while, but sometimes that is not enough and from time to time a good professional clean is very useful. NCS Cheshire upholstery cleaning service in Cheshire & surrounding areas is eco-friendly and keeps your house safe, clean and good looking.


NCS Cheshire’s professional stain protection service can restore stain resistance to your carpet. This prolongs the life of the valuable investment you have made and keeps the environment in your home or office fresh, hygienic and stylish. And our awarding winning stain protection treatment can be applied not just to freshly cleaned carpets but also to upholstery and curtains.

Using a simple process, we apply an invisible barrier over the carpet or other fabric’s surface to give a highly effective result. The anti-stain treatment is applied using a specialist spray which settles on top of the pile or fabric where it takes full effect in a couple of hours. Once your carpets and textiles are dry to the touch, the anti-stain film starts to work, discouraging dirt from becoming ingrained. The treatment keeps spillages sitting on top of the carpet rather than penetrating through the pile – so these can more readily be removed.

The benefits of carpet stain protection:

  • It prevent dirt and stains from being absorbed by the carpet fibres.
  • It provides an invisible barrier which gives you a fighting chance when spills and accidents inevitably occur.
  • It refreshes the performance of carpets which have been previously treated: this is far cheaper than buying a new carpet.
  • It protects your long-term investment in an attractive carpet.
  • It’s safe for you and your pets.


If you have been on the search for a professional cleaning company in Cheshire and surrounding areas you are most likely a busy person stuck for time, Perhaps you’re a homeowner with a  full time job and a family on the side, working long hours and ensuring that all your kids are participating in many after school clubs and activities?  It easy to fall behind on jobs around the house like cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen, dusting around the house and the bedrooms or even cleaning your inside windows we may be the answer for you fully insured and ready to make a start on the jobs that you don’t get done, we offer a  wide range of services which include week, fortnightly, monthly or one of cleans. Below are just a few of our domestic cleaning services:

  • One off cleans
  • After party cleans
  • Spring Cleans


We are a local cleaning company specialising in commercial office cleaning with local knowledge of Cheshire and the surrounding areas, a tight infrastructure, high level of customer service. For one-time cleaning or daily office cleaning services, our office cleaners complete the following tasks:

  • Spray and wipe countertops, desktops, and sinks.
  • Clean and disinfect restrooms.
  • Cleaning the front door and window glass
  • Feather dust all flat areas, ledges, and room dividers as well as windowsills, blinds, ceiling vents and other accessible dusty office fixtures.
  • Empty all wastebaskets and remove trash to the disposal area.
  • Dust mop and damp mop all hard floor areas.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpet and carpeted mats.
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