Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning – your image, your health

Regular professional commercial carpet cleaning will maintain the appearance and extend the lifetime of your carpets. Dirty carpets wear out more quickly as dirt and grit gets ground into the fibres causing them to fray.  Add to this the health risks posed by dirty carpets.  Studies have shown that clean carpets add to indoor air quality and properly maintained carpets act as a filter to hold soil, debris and other contaminants, preventing them from becoming airborne.

Cleaning includes regularly scheduled wet cleaning or extraction for total soil removal. Extraction cleaning is the most effective way to remove soil. Ground floor carpets need more frequent cleaning that carpets on higher floors but a good rule of thumb is to have office carpets cleaned at least twice a year.  For other environments such as commercial buildings including retail and banks the high footfall may mean that more frequent cleaning may be needed.

NCS Cleaning Services will provide a professional audit and a no-obligation quote to meet your requirements. Using the latest quick-drying cleaning techniques  and environmentally-friendly products there is no down-time and no disruption to your business.

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