When it comes to carpets, stains are one of those things that just happen. Be it juice, ink or animal excrements, carpets’ downside is that they need professional cleaners to take care of them once in a while. NCS Cheshire specialises in effective carpet stain removal in Cheshire & surrounding areas.

We can remove every kind of stain from
your carpet, for example: Water-soluble Stains | Oil, Fat, Wax | Glue | Urine | Nail Polish | Cigarette Burns

Is it easy to remove a stain from the carpet?

The answer to this question totally depends on the material. A juice stain is much easier to remove than ink, but our stain removal process is methodical and we make sure that your carpet gets 100% cleaned even if it takes longer to complete the job. It also depends on the amount of foot traffic and the age of the carpet.

Our eco-friendly products are a guarantee when it comes to removing stains safely. Our carpet stain removal service in Cheshire is well reviewed because we offer a lot in terms of quality, speed and professionalism. Replacing your carpet is not something you can do on the cheap. Hire us for a periodical carpet cleaning and stain removal in Cheshire , save thousands of pounds and make your carpet live longer with our services.

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