At NCS Cheshire cleaning we provide our customers with immaculate stain removal services. We cover all Norethwest areas and our stain removal experts are available for a same day booking. Thus, we are able to treat the stain, while it is still new and easier to completely remove. Older stains and marks could be more difficult to get rid of and may need more than one treatment, depending on the substance that have caused it.


Prior to any kind of treatment we risk assess and inspect the stains and marks, taking into consideration also the fabric of the carpet, rug or upholstery. Choosing the right chemical is also a very important step in the process as it is vital for the result that we are going to deliver.

Our teams are equipped with various chemicals that have a proven track record for successful stain removal properties and are trained and experienced in using them. They understand the chemistry of the different stains and know how to use it, so that they can successfully remove them from your surfaces, leaving them clean and shiny again. Achieving the right pH is vital for the complete stain removal and our teams are equipped with the knowledge and the tools how to achieve it.

Our professional stain removal service is available to:

residential customers

business customers

industrial customers across the Northwest and the surrounding Areas

Whether it is a carpet stain, a rug stain or an upholstery stain, we, at NCS Cheshire , have the knowledge and the equipment for its complete removal. Using modified carpet cleaning machines that produce super-heated dry steam ensures higher efficiency in shorter time. We offer competitive prices, flexible schedule and same day bookings possible with our local stain removal specialists. Our stain removal services are available to residents and businesses from all industries in The Northwest and all other surrounding areas.

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